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Fiduciary Services

We work as fiduciaries, because you’re too busy not to have someone on your side.

We take this role very seriously and you should expect this level of service from anyone managing something as important as your financial future.

Our fiduciary service options include:

Tailored Investment Management

  • Strategic allocations that are tax efficient and fee sensitive
  • Built of approximately 14 positions and customizable
  • Can include individual equities and bonds
  • Rebalancing as dictated by pre-defined thresholds
  • Tax loss harvesting for taxable accounts

Fee Only Consulting

  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Retirement plans
  • Tax deferral strategies
  • Other financial planning solutions as needed
  • Stock option and concentrated position management

Business Solutions

  • Retirement plans to address pre-tax savings
  • Unique needs
  • Ongoing or one-time engagements
  • Addressing tax, business and estate issues
  • Buy/Sell funding

Third Party Management

  • Use of a major asset management firm, which creates customized portfolios employing their investment research and philosophy
  • Can include additional support such as private banking, lending & legal counsel
  • May include management of concentrated positions
  • Tactical asset class management