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Why We Work with Doctors

From Travis:

My dad was a solo practitioner dermatologist and my mother, the office manager.  Growing up, I did many of the odd jobs in the office.  For our family, the family business was medicine and it was natural for me to gain an insider’s perspective of the business side of medicine.  I understand your unique challenges and concerns.  I shared many of these concerns as a child in a household with the stresses of medicine.  That upbringing has shaped my perspective and that experience has brought me closer to my clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to help doctors achieve their goals.

Our Work With Doctors

We know that as a doctor, you are incredibly busy and may not have much time to manage your finances. Your demanding lifestyle requires a trusted advisor to help protect your assets and manage your wealth. We have experience working with physicians and can help break down the complicated and time-consuming process of financial management.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing today’s medical community. We help you respond with customized plans to manage your financial health. Just as a doctor examines a patient, makes a diagnosis, and recommends a course of action, we take the time to listen to your concerns, implement a plan to pursue your goals, and monitor your progress regularly.

About Our Clients

Do you realize the importance of implementing a long-term financial strategy?

Do you value professional experience and service?

Are you interested in tax-reduction strategies?

Would you like to maintain your standard of living in retirement?

Are you interested in asset protection strategies?

Do you want to preserve your assets for family or heirs?

Most importantly, do you require a transparent, dependable, and honest relationship with your advisor?